In following with a Heartland District initiative for leaders in 2017, we will be focusing our resource videos around the Foursquare POD Plan. POD stands for Person of the Leader, Organizational Leadership & Skills, and Domains of Expertise.

The POD plan is a form developed to help leaders create goals and signposts of success to track and realize these goals within a year’s time. Each resource video will be created to fit within one of these areas. Our target is the NextGen leader, but principles and application in each resource will be sure to resonate with ministry leaders of all types.

2017 Videos

You don’t have a soul, you ARE a soul–you have a body. In this month’s…

In this month’s Practitioner’s resource, Brett Fischer shares his passion for reaching families with disabilities,…

For this month’s resource, we have selected Three Videos from our past Practitioner’s Resources to…

Stewardship within a leader’s finances can often be found on the back-burner, or neglected altogether in…

Regardless of what capacity of leadership you serve in, everyone wants to be able to…

In this month’s video, NextGen Pastor Kimberly Dirmann offers practical insight and easy to implement…

In this month’s video, Four HDFoursquare Leaders share on the challenges and benefits of leading ministry…

In this month’s video, Dan Mundt introduces “The POD Plan” as a resource for leaders in…


We are excited for this upcoming year, and our prayer is that Practitioners would continue to help launch you, the leader, further in your ministry!

January 27th – The POD Plan
February 17th – Leading out of Marriage/Singleness
March 17th – Mobilizing Team Members
April 21st – Leader Development Toolbox
May 19th – Stewardship in Leadership
June 16th – Leading the At-Risk / 1 on 1 Discipleship
August 18th – Making Your Ministry Inviting to Special Needs
September 23rd – Silence & Solitude
October 27th – Fundraising Toolbox
November 17th – Goal Setting
December 8th – Local & School Outreach/Missions Toolbox

Each resource video will be posted on this page, and in the Heartland App on the dates listed above. Be sure to enable push notifications in the Heartland App to be notified when each video goes live!

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