You have a CALL. God has a PATHWAY.

You have a call. We are all called to some sort of ministry. Whether it’s full-time, part-time, in church, the corporate world, the local coffee shop or the streets, one thing is for sure; God has called you to something. However, for nearly every young person who hears the call on their life, an overwhelming question begins to arise; how do I get there?

We have great news. God has a pathway. Not only have you been called to a ministry, you are being led to a pathway. A pathway designed for your style, your passion, your call. This path may be the tool He uses to equip you, or the path He leads you on to find your call. Either way, it is yours. With so much available to you as you leave high school and so much passion and drive to become all God wants you to be, it is sometimes hard to find your way. The Foursquare Church’s Heartland District NextGen has connected the dots and gathered the information you need to find your way to your calling. You’ve got options, find the pathway that fits you best!

Heartland ELN Programs

ELN is a network of specialized schools of ministry for college age students. Each ELN program is based in a local church, utilizing a model of full-time, immersive training, designed to take passionate young leaders and help them become skilled and empowered disciples, ready to transform the world with Jesus’ love. For more info on ELN visit here

Antioch Endeavor | Winterset, IA

Antioch Endeavor

Location: Winterset, IA
Mailing: 224 East Court Ave., Winterset, IA 50273
Phone: Stephanie Aldrich 515-371-0814
Duration: 9 month program
Housing: Host Homes
Price: $4000 (all study materials, room, board, conferences)
Units: Varies
Start Date: Labor Day
Website: (Click the Antioch Endeavor Link)

Clinton ELN | Clinton, IA

Clinton ELN

Location: Clinton, IA
Mailing: 816 13th Avenue North, Clinton, Iowa
Phone: Chris Radke (563) 242-0968
Duration: 11 month program
Housing: Host Homes
Price: $4000 (all study materials, room, board, conferences)
Units: Varies
Start Date: September 1 – September 4 (Move-in), September 6 (Start) –TENTATIVE

Life Commission | Decatur, IL

Life Commission

Location: Decatur, IL
Duration: 2 Semesters (9 months)
Housing: Host Homes
Price: $4000
Units: Varies (done in conjunction w/ Life Pacific)
Start Date: Labor Day 2014
Contact: Lynn Cooper 217-875-2300 xt. 103 or

Madison ELN | Madison, WI

Madison ELN

Location: Madison, WI
Mailing: 2575 Petersburg Circle Fitchburg, WI 53719
Duration: 11 months (September-July)
Housing: Host-Home
Price: $4,000
Start Date: August 28 – August 31 (Move-in), September 2 (Start) –TENTATIVE

Rochester ELN | Rochester, IN

Rochester ELN

Location: Rochester, IN
Mailing: 1125 East 9th St. Rochester, IN 46975
Duration: 9 months (September-May)
Housing: Host-Home
Units: Varies (done in conjunction w/ Life Pacific)
Price: $4000
Start Date: Labor Day –TENTATIVE
Contact: 574-223-7631

Foursquare Colleges

Life Pacific College | San Dimas, CA

Life Pacific College

Life Pacific College is an institution of biblical higher education that exists for the transformational development of students into leaders prepared to evangelize and disciple the nations. Study on campus or through distance learning. LPC is WASC and ABHE accredited, with opportunities in earning your AA in Biblical Studies, AA in General Studies, BA in Biblical Studies, BA in Transformational Ministry, BA in Ministry and Leadership and/or MA in Strategic Leadership.
Location: San Dimas, CA
Duration: 2-4 years
Optional Meals & Dorms: $3300 per semester
Tuition: $420 per unit
Units: 64-128
Start Date: late August & mid January

Ignite Life Pacific | Christiansburg, VA

Ignite Life Pacific

LPC–Ignite exists to educate, equip and train emerging leaders to discover and pursue their Life-Mission.

Internship Opportunities

HDNextGen ARISE Summer Internship

Heartland District Summer Internship

Location: Camp Hickory – Ingelside, IL
Duration: 2 months (June 12 – July 30)
Housing: On Camp Housing
Price: $0 – Includes $1000 Scholarship and weekly stipend
Start Date: June 12th, 2016
For more info click here